Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!  We had a fun day.  We had a pool party and bbq with some friends even though the sun was not out!  We were all thankful for the solar panels on the roof that had made the pool warm, so we could all enjoy the water even though it was not a hot day.  We relaxed and watched a movie in the afternoon, then we went to the McNeils to watch the fireworks with them from their hill top.  It was fun and relaxing.  I am thankful for the all soldiers that have fought for the freedom we enjoy everyday.  Happy 4th of July!

Welcome Summer!

Yeah, its offically summer time!  We do a playgroup and we have all summer set up!  We are doing all kinds of fun things from a family bbq at the park to swimming in our pool and visiting new places in San Diego for the first time.  We have had some fun are a few fun shots.  Hope you all have a fun summer set up too! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day and I just wanted to write about the awesome Father's in my life and thank them all for all they do for me.  There is of course my Father, that raised and taught me all kinds of important things.  He was always a good provider and dad to all his kids.  Then I got married and we had kids so Ian is a Father to our kids.  He is also an amazing Father.  He provides great for our little family and he always helps me with these two adorable kids we have.  Today we also got to spend time with Ian's Father and he is one of the greatest examples I can think of of a good Father.  He has raised and taught his kids lots of great things all the while also taking good care of his wife.  I am thankful for all these men in my life and I will look forward to their help in raising and teaching my two little boys how to be good men and Fathers some day!  Love you all :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Scooter Day

A few times a year, my brother spencer and I (Ian) take a scooter day. Always on a Saturday, I ride a Dragnfly, and Spencer rides his scooter. He can go faster than my ride, so he slows down for me. Isn't that nice of him.
We start the day by meeting at Petco Park at 9. We immediately head to our oldest brother T.C.'s house.
It's usually about this time we blow a tire. So naturally we head to Tom's for a new tube. Tom was awesome. He filled the air with colorful language, fun conversation, and a sweet map to all the San Diego bike routes. It was awesome, opened a whole new world of two and three wheel fun.
Our plan was go to Coronado. We found a route through IB so we went for it.
We made some stops, and saw some cool things. We had a blast riding the bike route.
The machines ran well.
We had a great time cruising around Coronado. We even found an awesome open house. The house was beautiful. Spencer took some great pictures of that. We did some more riding the we started back. We had the wind at our back. It was some fast and fun riding. We finished the day with a Padres game. Our families met us there. It was a wonderful day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mason 6 months

Since Mason was born Dec 5th its easy to keep track of how many months he is...on the 5th of the month he is that month old.  So Jan he was one month and now its June, the sixth month, he is 6 months old.  He is a blessing in our home.  He is a very good baby, not much fussing or crying over nothing.  He loves to watch Patrick play.  Patrick can talk to him or jump or dance for him and he laughs.  Patrick plays peek a boo with him, and the other day I was pushing Patrick in the swing and holding Mason.  I have never hear Mason laugh so hard each time Patrick swang up to us Mason would laugh so hard, I think he thought Patrick was doing that on purpose just for him!  Mason is teething right now so he bites down on your fingers pretty hard, sputtering with his lips, and lots and lots of drool :)

 Now Mason is 6 mo I am trying to feed him cereal...its still pretty messy and slow going!
 Patrick didn't want to be left out! 
I think a little actually got swallowed!

Padre Game

For our nephew Sean's birthday for the last couple years we have gone with our family to a Padre game.  We go sit on the grass and have a fun time, this year was no different.  We had fun hanging out with the Johnston clan! 
Take me out to the Ball Game!
cousin Rachel was making Mason laugh pretty hard!

 Nice face wonder Mason was laughing, Huh!?!
 Patrick wanted to be cool like his cousin Rachel and wear his bandana on his head! 
The boys of course end the night with rolling down the grassy hill about a hundred times! 

Winter Hardships

January and February were difficult in the Johnston home.  We kept getting and giving each other the Bronchitis bug of the winter months!  Poor Mason was hospitalized for a week when he was 2 months old...he got bronchilitis and could not breathe :(  Patrick had it too and so did I, but poor little baby could not breathe because of it so he had to have his lungs suctioned and be on a breathing machine, then on high flow oxygen, then down to normal oxygen, then ween off all that so we could go home.  I stayed with him the whole time so it was once again hard on Patrick too, once we come home with a new baby and he is almost getting used to the new routine we leave again!  I can only imagine what he thought about it all.  I was of course uncomfortable but mostly worried about and just wanting to take it all away from poor little precious Mason.  Since I couldn't take it away I was just there by his side to comfort when I could.  I am so thankful for Health and when you don't have it is when you are most aware to be thankful for it. 

The Ronald Mcdonald house across the street is the only place I did go once Mason was feeling better while the nurses watched him I took Patrick across the street to play on some toys and we ate a free lunch, that was sure a blessing!